How do you dress on a snow day?

Coming from Brazil I had to learn how to dress for extreme conditions! I love Winter and took me awhile to figure it out that wearing tons of layers doesn’t do the trick. But, by using the right pieces, you can enjoy the Winter and not be hateful when the cold last forever. Here are my favorite pieces for a day like today (lots of snow, rain, wind, cold…):


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JET large BK


  1. Patagonia hat, it’s soooo warm!
  2. Rain boots and scarf from Burberry. I love that those boots don’t look like rain boots, right?
  3. Canada Goose coat, the warmest coat ever! I absolutely love it.
  4. Dress (or any clothing), socks and gloves from Icebreaker. This brand is so good and their wool is amazing.
  5. And of course,  a Wicked Hot Chocolate from Jacques Torres. So yummy! It’s a perfect way to enjoy a snow say.


(photos: google)

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