Rana Restaurant

Hi there? How was your weekend? I know I talk a lot about food here, but when I go to new and good places I get so excited to share with everyone. And this past weekend wasn’t different, so slowly I’ll put all the places I went here.

For this first post of the week I wanted to share this amazing restaurant I went for lunch with on Friday, Rana. Their Italian food is great and all the pasta is made by them daily (you can actually see them doing it), the dessert is heaven, and the place is super cute with great location. Rana Restaurant is located on Chelsea Market, one of my favorite places here in the city!













This Passion Fruit Panna Cotta is something else!!! Rana Restaurant is located on 75 9th Avenue, right on Chelsea Market. Xoxo

3 Replies to “Rana Restaurant”

  1. I love Rana products, I buy the tortellini all the time…it’s just too much trouble to make them at home. The raviolis are my favorite. Here in Sicily we have what are called Cassatellelle, which are a kind of ravioli but made with ricotta, among other things. Well, didn’t do much this weekend. Trapani isn’t exactly the most exciting place:) But at least we’ve got the sea and fresh air.

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