Have you ever used any Kiehl’s products? I’m obsessed with the smell of their moisturizing and think their products are just great.  I want to use everything! I tried their shampoo and conditioner before, too.  I liked it a lot, but with my curls I have to use something more specific, haha.

3605975024012_16ozPump_SuperblyRestorativeArganBodyLotion 3700194715878_8ozBottle_CremedeCorpsLight-WeightBodyLotion 3700194718565_5ozBottle_SunFreeSelfTanningFormula 3700194719425_Ultra_Facial_Cream_May2011 cl_body_main_v5 cl_hair_main_v5 MRC_AKEYS ultra-facial-moisturizerWhat do you usually use on your skin? Have you tried any of these products? I’m curios to know. Xoxo

(photos: kiehl’s)


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