SJP + Nordstrom

Tomorrow, Nordstrom will be launching a new shoe collection by Sarah Jessica Parker. Finally! I’m really curious to see what “Carrie Bradshaw” did with the shoes and if they are comfortable or not! And of course, the prices!!!! A Pop-Up Shop is being set up this weekend here in NYC, so I might stop by. Maybe SJP will be there, too?!

sarah-jessica-parker-SJP-collection-at-Nordstrom-guest-designer-editor-column-on-The-Thread-blog_ sarah-jessica-parker-SJP-collection-at-Nordstrom-guest-designer-editor-column-on-The-Thread-blog sarah-jessica-parker-SJP-collection-x-Nordstrom-guest-designer-editor-column-on-The-Thread-blog sarah-jessica-parker-the-thread-guest-editor-on-SJP-design-and-creative-process SJP-countdown-a-new-collection-by-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-exclusively-at-Nordstrom

The Pop-Up Shop starts tomorrow and goes until Sunday. It’s on 372 West Broadway, SoHo. Would you buy her shoes?  Here is a really cool interview with her. Xoxo

(photos: nordstrom)

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