Spring Shoes

I do love Winter and I’ll regret to say that, but I want a little bit warm weather now (Just a little bit). Actually, one of the reasons  I want it to be Spring is to wear other types of shoes that are not heavy boots! Speaking of shoes, one of my favorite brands is Cole Haan. I love that they have the nike air technology and that makes the shoes super comfy! Besides all that, it’s very cute and stylish.  I just got two and I’m dying to use it.

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

I’m obsessed with those two shoes and cannot wait to use them over and over. Such a girl thing, right? Anyway, here are other ones I like it:

D41674_A D41380_D

Those flats are waterproof and they have many colors. I love it. D41272_D D41208_A D40613_A D40349_A

What’s is your favorite? Have you ever used any Cole Haan shoes? Xoxo

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