Cookie Shots

We all know that NYC loves trendy things, and when I say trendy I meant food. People stand in line for hours to get a tasty of something different… It’s kinda ridiculous, but sometimes worth.  Remember the Cronut? The famous croissant + doughnut invention that still makes people stand in line for hours in the morning to try it. Dominique Ansel, the same creator of that, just came up with a new thing, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Shots served with ice-cold organic milk infused vanilla. The thing is pretty amazing, and I got to taste this past weekend.

photo 3

photo 4

photo 2


photo 8

photo 7

photo 6

photo 5

The Cookies Shots are sold for $3 each and you can order just two to stay  or a box eight to go for $25. You can also order the milk to go for $3 the bottle. They start serving at 3pm sharp every day, but you have to stand in line before ! Do you think you’re going to stand in line and try it? The Dominque Ansel Bakery is located on 189 Spring St, SoHo. Xoxo

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