Madewell Spring Collection

One of the things that makes me excited for Spring, besides flowers, is the new collections. Spring always has a “relax” style and I love it. Every time I see Madewell‘s new catalog, I feel like running to the store to try everything on. And this new collection is no different, I love it! All the pieces looks so comfortable and perfect for a day in the city. What do you think??

53228_BR6755 A0208_DM0619_m A1195_BL7310 A1539_KS8181_m A1908_NA6148_m A2206_BL7215_m A2359_KS8879_m A2746_WN0193_m A3409_KS7762_m A3516_WN4555_m A4870_WN1435_m A5892_WN4738_m

What’s your Spring style? Would you wear any of those pieces? Happy Spring!! Xoxo

(photos: madewell)


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