Reisenthel nestbasket

I love shopping bags, and think if you’re going to go “green” or use recycled things you have to have style, too. Last year, when I was in Barcelona I saw this shopping bag and, even though it was huge, I manage to bring back to NYC with me. Silly me, because I found out that they sell the same shopping bag here. But it’s ok, I love it anyway. Reisenthel is a German brand and they have these amazing nestbasket that is made of recycled plastic and it super versatile. I’m in love!

NestbaskeRed10060960_x nestbasket_sb Reisenthel Nest Baskets_3 reisenthel-nestbasket-einkaufs-13787-1


How pretty! This last one is my bag. Here in the US they sell at the Container Store, Amazon or you can buy it at the Reisenthel‘s site.

Would you use those types of bags? What do you think? Xoxo


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