Chobani Bar + Where do you live?

How was your weekend? Here in NYC the weather was perfect to be outside. On Saturday I went to meet a friend for breakfast at the recently renewed Chobani Bar. Besides the amazing (and some weird) greek yogurt combinations they have over there, now the place has coffee, tea and some yummy sandwiches. It was just heaven and we are planning on waking up early and going there next weekend as well.

It’s so funny that SoHo neighborhood seems like a totally different place early morning. It’s so peaceful and beautiful! I love seeing people walking to work, coming back from yoga, parents taking kids to school and breakfast, and friends just meeting for coffee. I highly recommend a walk in SoHo in the morning, even though mostly stores are closed. Where do you live? Do you go out on weekends for breakfast? Xoxo


photo 3

photo 4

This bagel is just awesome!  The best one I have tried.

photo 5

And this is my favorite combination with the yogurt: dark chocolate, pistachio, honey, orange, and mint. Yummy! Also, you can take those cute glasses home with you.

photo 8

photo 2 photo 1

photo 13 photo 9

photo 13

photo 15

photo 17

photo 18

photo 19

photo 20

photo 21



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