Two makeups I’m obsessed with…

Spring is here and I love some good  and colorful lipstick, specially when is easy to put it on and stays for a few hours! I confess that I’ve been using the same brand of lipstick for many years (M.A.C.) and I do love it, but few weeks ago I decided to try the Bobby Brown Art Stick. Is basically a huge pencil that looks like a crayon. It looks soooo beautiful and it’s fun to use it. My favorite color is “Electric Pink.”

The second product I’m loving it is the Maxi Lash by Guerlain. I have many mascaras of different brands, but this one just went to the top of my list right now. Have you ever used it? Actually, have you ever used any of this products? I’d love to know. Xoxo

EA5T_l s1473503-main-Lhero


(photos: sephora)

3 Replies to “Two makeups I’m obsessed with…”

  1. Maxi lash is great… But Noir G (the refillable mascara) is better! 🙂 Guerlain mascara is my absolute favorite and it smells so good! Haven’t tried the lip pencil but it looks lovely.

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