Maria Bonita Salon & Spa

Hi there! As many of you know,  I’m a NYC “transplant” from Brazil. I love living here, but there is one thing (beside brigadeiros) that I always missed from there. It’s the beauty salons! Yes, nobody does a manicure, pedicure, waxing like a Brazilian. Trust me. I’m glad though, that I live in a city where I can find anything. 

My favorite is Maria Bonita Salon & Spa, located on my beloved SoHo neighborhood. The place is so cool, that even if you’re not from Brazil you will basically feel like one. The staff is extremely competent and you can have any service that a good beauty salon and spa can offer. Fernanda Lacerda, the owner, is always there making sure that everyone will feel comfortable and home. If you never got a Brazilian manicure/pedicure, you have to try! It’s the best.








Last time I was there I had pink on my nails (Fiesta from Essie) and grey on toes. I like different colors on toes and nails, how about you?  Where do you usually get your nails done?

Maria Bonita Salon & Spa is located on 12 Prince Street, SoHo. Xoxo


(photos: Maria Bonita and last one from my iPhone)

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