My mini kitchen garden

Like everyone that lives in NYC, I live in a fairly small apartment and do not have an outside area or garden. So, I make sure to always have flowers around the house and a few plants. About a month ago I went to Whole Foods and they were giving away tomato plants. I decided to take one, not just because I wanted a tomato plant, but because I also love free stuff – who doesn’t? Of course I didn’t think it would grow, but I ended up very attached to my tomato plant, haha.

Well, some of the tomatoes are almost ready to eat and I’m weirdly proud of it! Right now I also have a basil plant, aloe, and I just planted some chives. I’m loving it, even though the space is limited. How about you, do you have plants at your house? What kind? Do you have an outdoor space or live in a tiny apartment, too? Xx

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5


(photos: my iphone)

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