Humid Weather + Curly Hair

How was your weekend? I’ve been a little off, but I always get lost when I have people visiting me here.  Sorry! The weather in NYC has been so beautiful that I barely stayed home the past few days. Also, the weather is starting to get humid and the thing that mostly makes me suffer is my hair. My poor curly hair. My hair short and very curly, that makes me want to hide home on those terrible summer and/or rainy days.

Oh well.. I do like my hair the rest of the time though. After searching and trying so many different things I just settle for the DevaCurl products. My hair is extremely healthy and stays the way I want most of the time. Besides their basic line, I’ve been using the spray or the serum for the humid days where I have to get out of the house. It does the trick. So I’ll stick with that. How about you? Any tips for the yucky rainy summer days? I’d love to hear. Here are the three products I’ve been using, separately. You can find those products at any beauty store or online.  Xx

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(photos: sephora)


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