NYC + rain + summer + humidity

Today rained basically all day! It’s gross out, humid, my hair is terrible, I got soaked when I was out, I couldn’t find a cab so I had to walk, and my umbrella broke! Welcome to the worst part of Summer, NYC. Funnily enough I was reading Time Out NY website and found this hilarious list of new yorkers in the rain, haha. Made me laugh:


1. Wind-created umbrella inversion

Seriously, why do we even bother? Be free, umbrella. Be freeeee!

2. Sideways rain

We don’t even understand how this happens, but it does. A lot.

3. No cabs

Not anywhere. Not at all.

4. Outdoor rain + subway-platform heat and humidity = frizz for all!

“Your hair is inexplicable!”

5. The humiliation of having to wear ugly footwear

Awesome outfit? Check. Cool purse? Check. Really ugly galoshes? Ugh, check.

6. Deceptively deep puddles

“This looks pretty shallow, I’m sure if I step in it, I’ll be fi-“

7. Soldiering on through important meetings while pretending your pants aren’t soaking wet

Yeast infections for all!

8. Pop-up price-gouging umbrella vendors

Where do they even come from?

9. Slippery fall-inducing surfaces everywhere you turn

“I’m okay—no really, I am. No, I don’t need any help, thanks. Seriously, DON’T LOOK AT ME, YOU’RE MAKING IT WORSE!”

10. The smell of wet dog/wet socks/wet garbage everywhere

Only this weather could make us yearn for the pervasive smell of hot pee in summer. (You remember summer, don’t you? No? Us either.)


(List by Time Out NY)

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