Annelore NYC Sale

One of my favorite NYC brands, Annelore, is have a Summer sale! I just love their pieces, and all the clothes are made in NYC as well. It doesn’t get more original than that. Here are some of my favorite pieces on sale.

Have you ever been to Annelore? They have two cute shops in Manhattan (West Village and Tribeca.) If you are looking for something exclusive and different, you should check it out. Hope you like it. Xx

Celeste-Shirt-Dress_large Celeste-Jumper_large Marble-skort_large marble-side-pleat-dress_large Lace-spaghetti-dress_large Island-Shirt-Dress_large Island-Party-Skirt_large Painterly-pillbox-slv-drs_large Painterly-belted-scoop-neck_large Solid-belted-pants_large Solid-bow-dress_large Camo-Belted-Skirt_large Check-Skirt_large Painterly-reversible-top_large

(Photos: annelore)

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