GMT Tavern + World Cup

Hi there, how was your weekend? I’m finally back from a nice vacation and will post some pics later. What did you do this weekend? As any good Brazilian, last Saturday I watched the game and almost had a hard attack. It’s funny that some people, like me, don’t care about soccer until the World Cup, haha. My husband and I decided to go to a bar to watch the game and have lunch. We choose GMT Tavern, an English bar and we really like. We love the food there, specially the french fries, and we love their huge selection of beers.

Watching the game there was really fun. The bar as full with Brazil, Chile, and USA people. We had lots of fun. Have you ever been to the GMT Tavern? This place is just perfect to go for brunch, lunch or dinner. GMT is located on the corner of Bleecker Street and LaGuardia Place, on Greenwich Village. Unfortunately I just took one pic, but I’m posting a few more from their website. Xx









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