NYC Water on-the-go

I think everyone that lives here or around here knows that the NYC water is pretty safe to drink from the tap. In my house we actually just drink water from the tap and we’ve always done this way. It’s safe, convenient, cheaper, and green.

Now that is Summer I drink way more water than normal, specially because I’m always on the go, walking around this HOT city. Seriously, NYC gets so hot some days that it feels you are inside an oven. The good thing is that the city has portable water fountains everywhere, so you won’t stay dehydrated. The fountains are spread around the city and you can find the locations near you at the NYC Water app. There are always volunteers at the fountains, too, that can help you and explain anything you want to know about the water treatment here. Cool, right?

Places like Union Square, City Hall Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park always have those fountains. If you download the app and show it to them you get a free water reusable water bottle at one of those three places.  The fountains look like this:

40064_850768830375_9416001_46750745_359826_n IMG_0404 Water On The Go

and the bottle like this:


I love it! I’ll try to pick it up mine today.

So, do you drink tap water as well? What do you think? Xx




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