Summer Shoes

One of my biggest challenges over the Summer is to find cute and comfortable shoes that are not regular flip-flops, so I can use during the day. As any person that lives in NYC, I walk a whole lot, and I also don’t like the yucky humid weather, so I do my best to be comfortable. I’ve been looking for shoes for a awhile and finally found a couple shoes I really like.

72655_black_l_c 72188_brown_l_c

Those are from Frye Company. How cute are those sandals? It’s just perfect for a Summer day. I have the black one and I’m totally in love. This might be my new favorite shoe brand. What do you think? 

10184786x1062888_zmAlso, I love those hiking/water shoes from The North Face. I have one that I bought 3 years ago and I thought I was never going to use. Well, my is destroyed now, haha. I love how breathable they are and how quick it dries. It’s probably time to get a new one.

_8806425Everyone in NYC is using those Birkenstock sandals. It’s amazing! What’s the deal with that? I (still) don’t have one, but I’m getting convinced that those are the best option for a flip-flop that has more support. What do you think? Would you wear those? What are your favorite shoes for the Summer? Xx

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