Petisco Brazuca

As any good Brazilian, one of the things I missed the most when I moved here was the food. Luckily, NYC is the best place in the world and you can find anything you want. One of the things I love is called “coxinha.” Coxinha is like a croquette that is usually filled with chicken, cheese or some meat. When Ricardo, from the Petisco Brazuca, contacted me telling about their company I got super excited.  Petisco means basically snacks that are traditional in Brazil.

Those things don’t exist in the US, unless is made  by a Brazilian, so here is your chance to try. You just have to, haha.  One of the things that Petisco Brazuca also makes are the croquetes filled with chocolate or dulce de leche. It’s almost like churros, only better. Here is a little bit more about Petisco:

“The Petisco Brazuca was created through our passion for Brazilian snacks and the wish to share this with all New Yorkers and Brazilians that live here in the City. We value the quality and originality of Brazil. As soon as we started the Petisco Brazuca, all the communication was made through Facebook, but today our structure is much bigger and better. After the first few orders, we saw that we had big potential on our hands and decided to adapt quickly so we could accommodate the demand. Although we offer our service to many big companies, we also serve small crowds, families gatherings, or if you just want to snack. Our dreams are big and we know the challenges that we will still face it, but that motivates us every day. We know that if you do a job well you are rewarded and the results will appear through our effort and the quality of our snacks”


photo 1 photo 2 photo 4

Those are the yummy croquettes that Ricardo sent to me and I actually had for dinner, haha. Here are some other pictures from Petisco Brazuca.

bolinho-de-bacalhau-11-600x390 Coxinha-calabresa-1-600x390 Empadinhas-600x390 croquete-de-carne-600x450 Coxinha-de-queijo-11-600x390 coxinha-de-doce-de-leite-1-600x390 Coxinha-de-Brigadeiro-600x390 quibe-11-600x390

Have you ever tried something like this? What’s your favorite Brazilian snack? The Petisco Brazuca delivers all around Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and some place in New Jersey. Check it out their website here and you can order some.  Hope you like it. Xx

Thank you so much Ricardo and Vanessa for introducing me to Petisco Brazuca and sending me some coxinha. My husband and I loved it. 🙂

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  1. Reblogged this on wrsurya and commented:
    these photographs highly remind me of several variety of fried snacks i commonly encounter in indonesia… there, these fried finger foods are classed and referred to as ‘gorengan’ which literally means fried – many have fillings of meat, vegetables, rice noodles, or a mix of those plus herbs… they are usually eaten with a mild type of small green chilli called, ‘cabe rawit’…

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