Piadina Restaurant

Last Saturday, my husband and I went to this lovely restaurant called Piadina, on Greenwich Village. One of the reasons I always talk about restaurants in this area is because we live nearby and got used to walk to places to eat. We are super lazy, too! Haha

Piadina is an Italian restaurant with a rustic style. The place is simple, a bit dark, and definitely romantic.  The food is delicious and the selection of wine is great. One of the things I loved was the appetizer named after the restaurant. It was too good. As any good Italian place, the service was good, but very slow. I think is another thing that you get used to when you live in NYC, is the fast service at restaurants. Usually, the staff wants you to have a good experience, but leave soon so other people can sit down. Not at Piadina! You can sit there for hours, no pressure.

Have you ever been to this place. Piadina is located on 57 W 10th Street, near 6th Avenue. Also, do you usually walk to restaurants? Xx


Piadina1 Piadina2 Piadina3 Piadina4 Piadina5 Piadina6

(photos: Piadina)


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