My experience with Aibnb

When we got back from vacation, our home was going under a renovation and we had to find a place to live for awhile. Since hotels are so expensive, we decided to find an apartament through Airbnb. I confess that I was a little afraid and feeling weird to rent someone else’s place, with their furniture and stuff, but we kinda had no option. 


Even though I miss home and I’m counting down the days to go back, the experience has been nothing but great, and I highly recommend renting through Airbnb if you are a tourist or need a short stay somewhere for some reason. I love that they have expanded to anywhere in the world and have some awesome places available. It’s a cool experience if you’re visiting somewhere and wants to “see and feel” how people live.

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Before anything else, you cannot rent from anyone though. It’s always good to do a detailed research, exchange messages with the host before, and rent from someone who has really good reviews. Airbnb is a big hit in NYC lately. Have you ever rented from their website? What’s your experience? Would you rent it? Xx

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(photos: airbnb)

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