O Cafe

I love coffee! And I love charming and cute coffee shops around the city. O Cafe is definitely one of my favorites. It’s a mix of Brazilian coffee and food with some Latin America and Africa coffees, too. But it’s charming like NYC, so it’s a perfect combination. The place is very small, always lots of people grabbing coffee on the go and some siting there for hours chatting with friends, working on their computer, reading a book…

Besides that, O Cafe sells their coffee for you to brew at home and they have some yummy food, too. Some of the food, Brazilian of course. Brigadeiros, pão de queijo, polvilho, açaí in a bowl, all worth trying!

Have you ever been to O Cafe? What did you think? This coffee shop is located on 486, Avenue of The Americas (corner with 12th street), Greenwich Village. Xx

cafeosmall new-collage-three ocafeoutside1 Screen-shot-2011-11-29-at-4.58.26-PM whyo_2

(photos: o cafe)

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