Sunset in NYC

Hi there, how was your weekend? Since we’re going through a renovation, we haven’t been doing much. But I promise show to you our new bathroom once it’s ready.

On another note, I found this cool list with the best places to watch the sunset in the city and I thought I should share with you. Sunsets are always pretty, romantic, inspiring, and when you have a good view it makes better, right? Here are the 10 best places in NYC to inspire you:




  1. Sunset Park
  2. Take the Ferry During Sunset
  3. Brooklyn Bridge Park
  4. South Cove Park
  5. The High Line
  6. Astoria Park
  7. Coney Island Beach
  8. Great Kills Park
  9. Prospect Park
  10. The Shore Park Pathway 

I watched before from the Ferry, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and High Line. My favorite is from the Brooklyn Bridge Park, because the view of Manhattan with the sun going away is just magical. There is nothing like it! How about you, what’s your favorite spot to see the sunset? Xx





(info + photos: time out ny)


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