Belle Helmets

I don’t bike around NYC like many people. But, I do admire the ones that do and I feel a bit jealous. I think cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam are great, and if I lived there I think I’d totally use a bicycle as my main transportation. In NYC though I’m still scared. There are so many crazy cars, cabs, buses around the streets that don’t really respect people that are on the bike. Hopefully this will change and I will be able to fulfill my dream, haha.
Until his happens, I will envy the people that do and I will dream on having on of these cool bike helmets. Because if I bike, I have to bike with style. Belle Helmets is an awesome company that made helmets into a fashion accessory. All the helmets are hand painted in NYC and I just loved their work. It’s so creative and beautiful that makes me want to go ride a bike.

applehelmet1_grande bee1_grande catswithyarnleft_grande colorblindright_grande creamfloralright_grande giraffehelmetleft_grande homunculusright_grande hypercubesblack3_grande lighthousehelmetright_grande supermariolandhelmetleft_grande

What did you think? Do you bike? Do you use a cool helmet like those? Xx


(photos: belle helmets)

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