My favorite nail polish

I usually get my nails done at my house and I’m the one who does it. Of course, it’s fun going to the beauty salon sometimes, but I have time and I actually enjoy it. I even have a little ritual, haha. I like to sit by the TV and watch Friends (my gilt pleasure) on Fridays, have a cup of coffee or wine, and do my nails. And, because I’m the one doing it, I invest in good products. I’ve tried all types of nail polish and I keep coming back to the same ones always.

The M.A.C. nail polishes are my favorites! It’s great quality, it dries fast, doesn’t chip easily, and the color options are great. I love that the brand is investing more and more on nail care, too. Have you ever tried their nail polish? What did you think? Do you usually do your nails at home or go to a beauty salon? Xx

M21702 M23601 ME0701 MTF933 MW8908 MW8911 MW8913 MW8917 MW8918 MW8924 MW8932 MW8933

(photos. m.a.c.)

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