Life’s a Picnic in Grand Central

Hi there, how was your weekend? We had a fun one and I’m preparing posts for everyday this week. So stay tuned and check out the blog everyday for different tips from this amazing city.

This morning is starting at Grand Central an event called Life’s a Picnic in Grand Central. Yep, that’s right. They are setting up at the Vanderbilt Hall a space for a indoor picnic that will last until August 22nd,  7am-7pm. The place will have picnic tables, cute tablecloth (of course), utensils, and the last I saw they were decorating with cute trees and things like that. There will also have food vendors between 11am and 4pm, like Murray’s Cheese, Zaro’s, Magnolia Bakery…

They will have some performances during the day of musicals, dancing, circus… It’s looks so much fun for an indoor picnic, right? If you want to see the whole event schedule for this week, click here. So, will you go to the Life’s a Picnic in Grand Central? I’m planning on stopping by later today. Xx


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