Red Farm

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Ours was just fine with some great weather. Summer is being fabulous this year, so I can’t complain. I might write a lot about food/ restaurants in the city this week, I tried a few places I really like and I cannot wait to share with you guys.

Last Saturday we went out to have dinner with friends that we had not seen the whole Summer, and they took care of finding a place to go. I had been wanting to go to Red Farm for a long, long, time, but never got my way around. I knew they didn’t take reservations, so I never bother waiting. Apparently, if you call on the same day after 5pm you can put your name on the waiting list. Our friends did that and I could not be happier and thankful!

If you don’t know, Red Farm is focused on Chinese food that it’s beyond amazing. Seriously! Besides the dishes being very creative, everything is so fresh and tastes so amazing. Of course it already became one of my favorite restaurants in the city. We were four people and we made sure to order very different dishes so we could try a bit of everything!

Red Farm has two locations in the city, West Village and Upper West Side. Have you been there? What did you think? I know a few people that list this restaurant as their favorite, too. The price is NYC price, not the cheapest but not the most expensive. It’s really worth trying. Xx

RedFarm_ESP9225 RedFarm_ESP9245 RedFarm_ESP9279 RedFarm_ESP9312 RedFarm_ESP9368 RedFarm_ESP9373 RedFarm_ESP9409 RedFarm_ESP9435 RedFarm_ESP9630 RedFarm_ESP9647 RedFarm_ESP9658 RedFarm_ESP9672 RedFarm_ESP9851

(photos: red farm)



3 Replies to “Red Farm”

  1. Everything looks so beautiful and yummy. Usually these types of dishes are set in some elegant restaurant (usually uncomfortable) but judging by these pictures the restaurant looks like a fun atmosphere to be in.

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