Cafe Habana

Hi there, how have you been? I’m finally back after taking a break. We went away for a few days and I decided to give a rest to the blog and everything else. It’s good to do that sometimes. 😉

Remember I said I had a few restaurants I tried and wanted to share with you? Well, one of those restaurants is Cafe Habana. I’m sure a lot of you heard about this delicious place, but I have never been there since a couple weeks ago for brunch. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait for a table because we got there early, but usually there is always a line eat there. Cafe Habana is a mix of Cuban and Mexican food, and that makes a perfect combination! Delicious food and worth going if you’re around.

Have you ever been to Cafe Habana? What did you think? If not, you should definitely try next time you’re around. Xx 

628x471 010512-habana-09 Cafe_Habana_Corn cafe_habana_outside cafe-habana_fish-tacos cafehabana_v1_460x285

(photos: google)

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