Le Pain Quotidien

Good morning, everyone! I’m so excited it’s Friday. While I’m having coffee (and a chocolate croissant) at this wonderful bakery, I decided to share with your guys about this place. Lots of people already know about Le Pain Quotidien, it’s a well known place in NYC, and it’s all over the place. Also, other places in us US has Le Pain Quotidien, luckily! The franchise started in Belgium and today they can “spread their delicious bread” all over.  Besides the breads, coffee, and breakfast, Le Pain Quotidien offers a tasty lunch with salads and sandwiches.  Have you ever been to one of their stores? What did you think? Xx

bread_lead_x2 food_lead_x3 our-food_0031 our-food_0051 our-food_0101 Le Pain Quotidien our-food_00611 our-food_00711 PH_communaltable_lead photo

(photos: le pain and the last one is mine)

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