Hi there! The weather has been about perfect and to me is already fall. I’m so excited for this season. And I’m also excited for all the pretty looks we can wear over the fall. Nothing is more charming then dressing up with a couple layers and not be sweating, using flip flops, without humidity, and so on.

For this season, Vince is one of my favorite brands. I love basically everything they have and I think is very “NYC,” haha. Most of their stuff is basic and the colors are neutrals, meaning it’s perfect for me. Here are a few of my favorite new looks from Vince for this awesome season. What do you think?

vince_womens_fall_look1_lb_medium vince_womens_fall_look2_lb_medium vince_womens_fall_look3_lb_medium vince_womens_fall_look4_lb_medium vince_womens_fall_look9_lb_medium vince_womens_fall_look6_lb_medium vince_womens_fall_look5_lb_medium vince_womens_fall_look10_lb_medium vince_womens_fall_look11_lb_medium vince_womens_fall_look12_lb_mediumvince_womens_fall_look17_lb_medium vince_womens_fall_look18_lb_medium vince_womens_fall_look19_lb_medium vince_womens_fall_look20_lb_medium

(photos: vince)

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