Orange Love

Like I said on the previous post, I dress very basic. Lots of my clothes are black, white, grey, blue or any other neutral color. But lately I’ve been noticing how much one color, that is not basic at all, is taking over my closet. Orange!  I always liked this color, but never had any accessory or  pieces of clothes. It’s just to pretty to match a bright color with all the other basic pieces, don’t you think?

These Cole Haan loafers I bought couple years ago, but never used much until now. I know it’s blue, but the edges has this bright orange and I love it. It looks great with jeans and white t-shirt.

photo 1

This Céline bag is my favorite thing ever! It’s so simple, basic, and GORGEOUS! 


Couple weeks ago I found this NARS lipstick and I’m totally obsessed.  I wanted an orange lipstick, but was afraid to use actually until I found this one. Also, it’s my first time using NARS lipstick; it’s great.The color is “Casablanca”


The Splendid jacket is a bit old and I use it A LOT! It’s wrinkle because it was on my suitcase. I love how it fits, the fabric (love Splendid), and how cute it is.

photo 2P1040920

And the last,  my old J. Brand coral/orange that is the “face” of the blog on my Facebook page.  Those pants fits sooo well.


Of course I don’t use all together because, as my husband said, I’d look like a traffic cone or a great pumpkin, haha. But I do love those different oranges and I think is great to have a pop of color. What do you think? What’s your favorite non neutral color? Xx


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