High Line is Finally Done!

Last Saturday the last and third phase of the High Line Park was finally open. I, particularly, love this park and think is such a creative thing. I tell all my friends and family that comes to visit that the High Line is a must stop… Much more than other places in the city. And everyone always agreed with me. The Park, that starts on Meatpacking District, now goes all the way to West 34th Street where you can see the Penn Station and the trains parked. The opening on Saturday was made with speeches, party, and a march all the through the High Line. Here are some photos:  

092014-highline-1 092014-highline-2 092014-highline-3 092014-highline-4 092014-highline-7 092014-highline-9 092014-highline-10 092014-highline-12 092014-highline-13 092014-highline-15 092014-highline-17 092014-highline-19 092014-highline-20 092014-highline-21 092014-highline-34 (Chuck Schumer) 092014-highline-53

(photos: gothamist)

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