The Brazilian Wax

(portuguese version)

Let’s talk about wax, the Brazilian wax. When I moved to the US that was something impossible to find and I knew I was looking on the wrong place; I live in Baltimore and didn’t really know anything around that area. When I moved to NYC, I saw in every single beauty salon, spa the “brazilian wax.” I thought I was in heaven! I tried so many places and people I can’t even count, and one thing I’m sure: NOBODY does the Brazilian wax like a true Brazilian. I’m sorry to everyone else, but it’s true!

And, that’s one of the reason that I’m very picky about it and go to the same person now over and over. Maria, for the beauty salon Maria Bonita & Spa to me, is the best. Besides being a wonderful person, she is so careful, and has a technique that makes the process of waxing less painful. Thank goodness, because waxing can hurt so much. She is so good that many Brazilian super models go to her every time they are in NYC! I love Maria Bonita Salon & Spa, and I love much more because Maria works there!  Maria Bonita is located on 12, Prince Street.

Do you do the Brazlian Wax with a true Brazilian? What do you think? Xx

IMG_2966 IMG_2967


(Disclosure: I do not get paid for this posts, and do it because I really like and appreciate her job.)

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