Kit Philosophy

(Portuguese version)

Have you ever used anything by Philosophy? I always used one of their face soap and loved it. Awhile ago I bought a kit called Restore & Nourish and it’s enjoying so much. The kit comes with three items; the cleanser “Purity,” the serum “When Hope Is Not Enough,” and the moisturizing “Hope in a Jar.” I love all their natural items and everything has tons of vitamins for the skin. Also, how creative are the names of the products?  Hahaha. They sell the kit together at stores that has Philosophy or you can get the items separate, too.  Have you ever used any of this products? What did you think? Xx

51hE3hknwkL._SY355_ 48510 00500325_when_hope_is_not_enough_re_a1-1 f0ba2903d0c7476192539ba5ecb5962c HopeInJr-HiPerMoi-2ozCpBhdWhp-B-Gl-00500030E_Scene7

(photos: philosophy)


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