Autumn Hats

Hi there, how was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? We didn’t do much, since we’re still trying to get things done at our apt, but it was fun! The weather has been gorgeous and, though was a little bit too warm on Saturday, you can smell the Fall in the air already. I wish it was Fall for at least half of the year!

The other day I was”killing time” inside an Urban Outfitters and, even though it’s a cool store is not my style at all! But this time they had some really cute hats for fall, and I have to confess that I kinda want one. I usually don’t wear hats, unless is really cold and it’s a Winter wool hat,  but those are so pretty! Would you use it? What type of hat? What do you think of this style? Here are my favorites (they kinda all look the same, haha: )

27820794_042_e 31585318_041_b 32952178_061_b 33678046_016_e 33705773_001_e 34055087_013_d 34055087_013_e

So pretty, right? Xx


(photos: urban outfitters)

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