My NYC Cats

As many of you saw on my Instagram and Facebook page, my husband and I now have two cats. We wanted cats for awhile, but we were always putting on hold because of something else. But this time we found the two Ocicats we wanted and fell totally in love. We got two because the amount of work is same and they keep company to each other. Jaspurr and Alice are almost 4 month, have lots (I mean LOTS) of energy, and they are the sweetest creatures ever. They like to play with their weird cat toys and love Whole Food paper bags! I’ve been obsessed with those cats and super happy we got them.  Living in NYC the space is limited, so we decided they will be just indoors cats. It’s easy for everyone.

Do you have a pet? What type? Here are some pics of Jaspurr (caramel +chocolate cat) and Alice (grey)

IMG_3026 IMG_3031 IMG_3039 IMG_3045 IMG_3054 IMG_3073 IMG_3089 IMG_3100 IMG_3102 IMG_3104 IMG_3112 IMG_3113


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