The Rink at Rockefeller

I’m a big fan on Winter, so I get super excited when I see the city of NYC getting ready for the season. One of the most tradicional things are the ice rinks, of course. The Rockefeller Center is basically  one of the most famous (maybe in the world?) and it’s already open since yesterday! It’s weird that this year is going by sooooo fast, but it’s cool that is almost Winter time. So, the rink is open and you have to pay $27 to use it ($30 peak days?); kids under 11 and seniors pay $15, and the skate rental $12. Not cheap when you add all this up and you have a big family. But, if you’re looking for the experience, that’s the best one. They allow only “150” people at time on the rink, so it’s never super crowded. You probably have to wait in line though.

What do you think? Would you go? I’ve never been actually… Living in NYC we never do those things. Maybe this year?? Xx

image IMG_1676 Rockefeller-Center-Ice-Skating


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