Orla Kiely Fall Collection

Orla Kiely always makes the most beautiful pieces for Fall. She is one of my favorite designers and I think her clothing line is always so elegant and classic. What do you think? Would you wear any of those pieces? Here are some of my favorite pieces, I specially love the dresses with the flower prints.

14AKEMB211-Black 14AKINC221-Grey_Melange 14AKMOH221-Lemon 14AWBCA635-Midnight 14AWBCA744-Midnight 14AWBCA861-Midnight 14AWCCT741-Grey_Melange 14AWCCT821-Winter_Sky_Melange 14AWGSD632-Marble 14AWFPJ745-Black 14AWDTC743-Chalk 14AWCCT851-Winter_Sky_Melange 14AWTXJ821-Ebony 14AWTXJ745-Peony 14AWTBW821-Black 14AWGSD754-Marble 14AWGSD745-Malachite

(photos: orla kiely)

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