Lupe’s East LA Kitchen

I love Mexican food and I’m lucky enough to live near many good restaurants. Lupe’s is on my top list for Mexican food in the city, and every time we go there it’s always full of fun people. The restaurant is simple, cute, fun, and has amazing food. No need more than that, right? It’s also very local, so you won’t have tons of tourists around if is that what you’re looking for. I’ve been to Lupe’s many times (usually we go for lunch and I have a giant pollo quesadilla with a beer or margarita) and I keep going back. I love it.

Have you been to Lupe’s before? What did you think? What’s your favorite Mexican restaurant? Xx

302031_10150829658815029_1915658307_n 425805_10152160590940029_215221963_n 529503_10152531259660029_924195620_n 1451412_10153415414205029_1729873468_n 1514594_10154670767745029_953821403695526044_n 1931141_97272435028_8637_n 10294345_10154197452315029_5965248851711236290_n 10334259_10154197450785029_212983529832462450_n 10403058_10154670716385029_2975966168836103101_n 10660341_10154624667790029_3709491893032769251_n lupes_1 lupes_4 lupes_sign

(photos: Lupe’s)

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