Lulu Love

I love Lululemon and if I could, I would use those outfits everyday. It’s cute, cozy, comfy, and perfect for Fall. They are making some ever day wear clothing now, and that’s perfect if you can be informal but always want to be cute. Sometimes that’s all you need, right? I actually just bought my first skirt from Lululemon and I’m in love. I also have a pair of those “everyday” pants and some cute tees that you don’t look like you got out of gym outfit! I’m dying to get the back dress on the last picture now. What do you think? Do you wear those types of clothing on a daily basis? Here are some pieces I would like to have this Fall. Xx


I have those pants in grey and I love it! I also have this t-shit in red and it looks pretty cute with jeans.


LW3G45S_8353_3 LW4E87S_015890_3 LW4E90S_0001_4 LW4F03S_9673_1 LW5E77S_8353_4 LW9E36S_015093_3 LW9F09S_0001_1 LW8479S_0001_2


(photos: lululemon)

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