Christmas at West Elm

I love this time of the year! Not just because is getting colder, but because Christmas season is awesome. I know that here in the US people start decorating right after Thanksgiving, but being from Brazil I always try to start decorating a bit earlier than that, haha. Actually stores around the city are doing the same, too. I don’t really care if they are doing to sell more (of course,) I just like walking around and feeling Christmas in the city. NYC has a bit of magic.

West Elm is one of the places that has all the decoration up already and it’s one of my favorite stores. I love how creative and simple their things are, and the prices are not too over the top. Here is just a few of my favorite Christmas decoration from West Elm. What do you think? Will you decorate your house this year? Xx

img4o img6o img13o img15o img22c img26o img40o img42o img49o img53o img60c img60o img65o img69o img80o img82o img91o img95o-1 img95o img98o

(photos: west elm)

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