Christamas at Anthropologie

Another place that I love for Christmas decoration is Anthropologie. They have lots of beautiful, colorful, and different things and I just go crazy when I go to the store. Last year I posted some things about my Christmas decoration and my three and some ornaments are from Anthropologie. This year I might be getting a couple more and some lights, too.  Are you decorating your house this year? Do you go crazy? Because now we have cats, I can’t have too many breakable things around, but we will definitely put some decoration up.  Here are some things I love from Anthropologie:

33239708_046_a 33240458_011_b 33257486_095_b 33258740_066_b 33351040_901_b 33367558_012_a 33367608_060_b 33367673_012_b 33402512_040_b 33405515_000_b 33423377_095_b 33509688_041_b 33567033_020_b 33567322_014_b 33643917_095_b 33890708_060_b 33890724_032_b 33977737_102_b

(photos: anthropologie)

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