Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a holiday that I learned to love. Because I’m from Brazil, I never celebrated Thanksgiving growing up, of course! I moved here about 9 years ago and the first few Thanksgivings weren’t really fun.The first one I got really sick and stayed home alone, in pain. There was one where I went celebrate at someone family and didn’t know anyone. It was weird. Another one I was working all day and weekend. Then another one I got sick again, haha.  After that I just decided not to like or enjoy this holiday.

Couple years ago though, or since I got married, I actually started to enjoy and create my own traditions. My husband and I always spent Thanksgiving by ourselves either cooking or traveling somewhere outside the country. We like that! This year, for the first time, we will host Thanksgiving at our home. We are actually very excited about. First because we will be home, and second because it will be small and fun! We are committed to cook the whole meal for the holiday. Our friends are coming over and we are looking forward to celebrate with lots of good food, wine, and laughs.
I’m so thankful for wonderful people in my life and for this great country that I call home now! What are you thankful for? Have a wonderful holiday!


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