Minetta Tavern

How was your weekend? I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours were great and so much fun (and food.) On Friday was my husband’s birthday and I had made reservations at Minneta Tavern. I’ve been trying to go to this place for awhile and I finally for a reservation.

Minetta Tavern is a well known restaurant in the city, specially for its burger, steaks, and bone marrow. We skipped the bone marrow, but the rest was just so good. The burger is totally worth trying (forget about the $30 price, haha.) The only thing we would different is next time I would go for a late lunch, and not for dinner. The food is so good, but so heavy. Also, at lunch time you’ll probably get in without a reservation.

Have you ever been to Minetta Tavern? What did you think? Would pay that much for a burger? Xx

2009-03-16-Minetta-burger 20110308minetta-shirred 4573174542_d61b26ceb4_z bios home reservations-alt2map-alt3

(photos: minetta tavern)


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