Amazing photos + news

Hi there! How have you been? I’ve been away from the blog, but back I am. Things have been crazy and trying to keep up with two blogs sometimes is not easy. I write more on my Portuguese site because Brazilians love to know about NYC and get tips from here. NYC is a big tourism place for them and I just love sharing the things I mostly like about this amazing city.

Also, I found out I’m pregnant (yay!!) so I might share a bit about it, and eventually, raising a baby in NYC, even though I’m a very private person. I know a lot about kids, because I’ve been around them and I  took care of a lot of them in my life, but you having your own in this big city is a total new thing. We’re very excited to this new addition and so is our cats, of course! It will be fun to share all that, but still talk about NYC and other things I like.

Until I write more, here are a few amazing pictures from Vincent Laforet. He made those pics at night here in NYC on a helicopter. I’ve never seem something so beautiful. Xx

original-1 original-2 original-3 original-4 original-5 original-6 original-7 original

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