Cones + Snowstorm

Are you ready for a snowstorm? Here in NYC and part of the East Coast everyone is getting ready for it. Luckily, my classes got cancelled today and tomorrow, and my husband can work from home tomorrow. I like those days were we can stay in and watch the snow fall. It’s so beautiful! 

The only “bad” thing is that you end up loading up on junk food. What is with this weather? I’m trying to control myself and, since I didn’t make to the gym today, I did some exercises at home so I wouldn’t feel super guilty. It’s not the same as going to the gym, but it’s better than nothing. 

Going back to junk food, one thing I always have on my fridge during the winter (pregnant or not) is a pint of ice cream from Cones. Cones is my favorite ice cream shop in NYC and they have the best, I swear, dark chocolate ice cream. That little shop is amazing and I still haven’t tried anything like it. If you’re planning a trip or anything in NYC you have to go to Cones, you won’t regret! They are located on 272 Bleecker Street. I hope you stay warm and safe. Xx  



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