Favorite lipstick this Winter

For the first time I’m not enjoying Winter that much! This (below) freezing weather is bringing me down, specially when I have to get dressed and go outside. But, one thing that brings me back up is a good and bright lipstick. I love using colors on my lips and do not leave home without lipstick. Here are a few of my favorite this Winter. Do you use colors on your lips, too? What’s your favorite?

1 – M.A.C. – Russian Red


2 – M.A.C. – Chilli (it’s kinda orange, this is a bad picture)M2LP063 – M.A.C. – Rebel


4 – NARS – Marlene Red Brick

s1637669-main-hero-3005 – Bobbi Brown – Electric Pink


6 – Bobbi Brown – Cassis s1587609-main-hero-300

(photos: m.a.c. + sephora)

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