Maza Espresso Bar

Hi there, how was your weekend? Ours was fun, but cold. Last Saturday I went out with a friend for breakfast and we decided to try the Maza Espresso Bar, that open a little bit over a month ago. Needless to day, we loved the place. First, it’s super cute, cozy, and the staff is extremely friendly.  Maza is a Mediterranean coffee shop, so besides all the delicious drinks based on espresso coffee, they do have food, too. The Greek yogurts are all made in house and they have some different combinations. It goes to sweet and/or kid friendly combinations with berries, nuts, banana, cereal, fig, honey, orange, to the savory ones with olive oil, salmon, Greek salad… It’s worth trying!

Maza Espresso Bar is the perfect place for a good breakfast or afternoon snack! They also have some yummy pastries and Mediterranean bagel, my favorite kind of bagel. I’m already thinking about going back there next Saturday with my friend. This coffee shop is located on 11 Carmine Street. Xx

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