I’ve been counting down the days to Spring, not just because this is one of the coldest Winters of the history of NYC, but also because all my plants died. I said many times how much I love gardens and kitchen garden, and since I live in an apartment with cats, I have to improvise. The space is limited and some of the plants are either eaten by the cats or poisonous to them.  But I’m looking forward to my apartment garden!

Since I can’t show it yet, I have been obsessing with cool websites. Last week I found about the Terrain website and I’m in love! They have so many cool things and I’m sure I’ll be showing a lot here on the blog. Here are some of my favorite gardening things for now. What do you think? Do you have a garden or kitchen garden as well? Xx 

27782887_000_a 32420291_030_a 32420291_030_b 33965195_030_a 34330639_000_a 34330639_000_b 34483859_000_a 34483859_000_d 35488121_000_a 35566587_010_a 35591288_001_a 35591288_001_d 35609536_000_a

(photos: terrain)


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