Gap Maternity

I’m coming at a time of my pregnancy that some of my clothes are not fitting well anymore. By that, I meant that some of the things I have are extremely uncomfortable. You end up feeling ugly, of course, and everything you try on doesn’t look good. I decided it was time to take a look at some maternity clothing. I confess I was kinda fighting against that. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money as well on something I won’t be wearing for long.

After looking at some places, I decided to go to Gap Maternity. I heard about it, but never actually took a look on the things they have. Well, I don’t need to say I loved it. First, the clothes fitted me really well, so that’s a plus. All their line is very basic and cute, so that’s made for me! And last, it’s cheap, really cheap. Gap is always on sale, and their maternity line has some crazy sales!! I got four pieces for less than $30. Seriously! I don’t mind spend money on something I’ll wear a lot, but I was so happy to get those things for this price, haha.

For the moms out there… have you worn anything from Gap Maternity? Do you have any other suggestion? Here are some of the cute things I bought. Xx

IMG_4257 IMG_4254 IMG_4258

(photos: my iphone)

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